I 1997, I dabbled with a bit of webdesign by creating my own homepage using my AOL account. This then sprung into a love of digital art, photography and graphic design. I am now employed as a Web Designer for a University and run my own Web Design company. A few weeks ago, Roxydoll12.com was hacked and the once thriving 'empire' was shut down - and linked to my myspace.com profile page. However, I could not let this be an end to Roxydoll. I am making this page as a throwback to what I originally wanted out of my dinky AOL homepage - a place of my own on the web where I can tell the (interested part of the) world a little bit about myself. Please feel free to keep in touch with me through email. Roxydoll12.com is not gone - things are just a bit more whimsical and laid back this time around.
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