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December 23, 2006
Dave and I decided to walk around the city last night to take in the holiday atmosphere. We walked through St. Patrick's Cathedral, saw the tree at Rockefellar Center, walked through Tiffany's, enjoyed the windows and moving displays with music at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier, and Bergdorf Goodman. We also walked through FAO Schwarz and enjoyed the toys. We had a fabulous dinner at Shelly's on 57th between 5th and 6th, and we each got amazing filet mignon. (The front page of the site shows the table we sat at, which I think is pretty cool, haha) Overall, we had a great time and it was fun being in NYC for one of the last days before Christmas. Here are some pictures:

Me in front of a moose in FAO Schwarz

Dave with the moose

Me and the lego Santa in FAO Schwarz

Me in front of the tree

Dave and I

Christmas Eve tomorrow! Oh my!

September 24, 2006
FIT is going really well, but definitely keeping me very busy!! I have a lot of projects to do and papers and presenations, but I actually enjoy all of the assignments. We are currently learning about fiber identification in one of my classes, where we take small fibers to decide what the fabric is made of. It's quite cool. Work is going well too, which makes me happy. The room has been grouted and finished, it looks great! I will take pictures asap. Here are some pictures from my birthday:

September 17, 2006
Almost a month since I last updated! I have to get better at this! My 23rd birthday was September 12 and I had a fabulous birthday! Lots of celebrating, which was awesome. I got some clothes from my parents and sister, a Tiffany pearl necklace from Dave and some other cool stuff including DVDs and a garden gnome from my boss!! FIT is awesome. It keeps me busy with homework, but I really enjoy my classes and the subject matter of what we are learning. I guess that is why I am in the program obviously, haha. Yesterday and today, Dave and I spend the day laying down a tile floor in the room of my living room. I guess it's called a "bonus room" in realtor-speak; it's not the family room, it's not the basement, it's not a bedroom, and it's not a living room. So yeh, bonus room/library, whatever. But Rory had decided that she didn't like the carpet, and I had painted it (I'm sure I mentioned that earlier in this blog...Ah yes, I mentioned it here) But the painting is finished, the tile is now down. All we need to do is grout the lines now. The only sucky part is that the rest of the house is now holding the furniture from that room. I hate when things get messy and unorganized, but yeh, hopefully it will be finished in a day or two! It looks fabulous, Dave did a great job. I love it! Ok, back to working on homework. I just wanted to add a quick update.

August 18, 2006
FIT started for me and all is going well. I have some homework I have to do, but besides that, all is well. The people seem cool and I'm quite excited. This weekend is going to be busy as well. Dave and I have a party to attend and some other stuff going on. Yesterday, Whitney (another girl in the program) and I were going through the Graduate Study Collection of clothing, and we were looking at an 18th C wedding dress. Quite cool. Pretty exciting. The new MSU site was launched, and Alyson and I are on video on the main page. Ha. The air is getting cooler, and it upsets me to think that summer is coming to an end rapidly. I always get upset at this time of year. It makes me sad to think that winter is coming. with winter comes lots of homework and school and stuff. Although I obviously don't mind school being that I am working on two masters, it still is depressing when the summer ends. I am trying to get in a few more weekend getaways before Labor Day, so we'll see if that happens. Dave bought me roses the other day as well, and they make me happy. I have them on display in my room. So pretty.

August 10, 2006
Last work day of the week! This weekend is going to be busy as well though, so yikes. We'll see what happens. I still haven't unpacked from when I went away last weekend. I have started painting the side room, but I still have a lot left to do. Tomorrow is my insane errands day with appointments and what not scheduled all day. In fact all week has been like that. I've had doctor appointments and hair appointments and car stuff and etc etc etc....it just gets out of control, but I try to stay organized and on top of things. Today I helped out a place on campus with a survey and got a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate. Sweet! That made me quite happy. The library also had a shelf of books outside that they were giving away, and I found a neat one on Vanity Fair, with the best stories, photographs and things from the magazine from 1920-30. Sorta like a Vanity Fair highlights book. I was quite excited. I also picked up a free Faulkner book and a management textbook from 1973. I'm a dork because this type of stuff excites me. I'm going to put them in my townhouse as both decorations and topics of conversation. They're quite cool. I'm turning into my father - he always brings home used, old books! He'd be proud, I'll have to tell him of my pillages.
Speaking of pillages, I love puzzle pirates. So addicted...
And it is already mid-August. I don't feel good about that. My fall schedule is starting up in a nanosecond and I'm not quite ready for it. Great.
I'll end this post with a cute, semi-old (mid-summer?) picture of Tuffy and I hanging out on the beach in LBI. He actually enjoyed the water, a bit.

August 9, 2006 (X-posted on my myspace)
This past weekend I went to the LBI house with my mother, sister and Tuffy. We had a great time shopping and spending time on the beach, and I was sad to go back to work Monday morning - although I love my job, it just wasn't as good as lounging on the beach!
I have started painting the library/sitting room off of my living room, and plan on getting some more work done in there this evening after work. It will be nice to complete that room because then I get to start on repainting the dining room, and I am very excited about the colors we chose in there and think it will look great when it is finished.
My townhouse is basically finished decorating wise as well. It is completely livable. There are some small items that I am still deciding on, but everything is complete for the most part. I think I'm in need of something dumb like a set of mixing bowls or something. ha. All the painting is finished there (and quite perfect, since I'm soooo OCD about the way paint looks on walls) and it's stocked with cleaning supplies, cooking stuffs, and essentials like TP and paper towels and garbage bags. I try to stay as organized and on top of things as possible.
Work this week is going well too. I need to have a few good work weeks since I charged my FIT tuition to a credit card. Ha. I'll be getting the bill for the quite soon. Goodie.
My birthday is coming up too, in a little bit more than a month (September 12th). I'll be 23, and I'm scared about getting older. Dave and I have discussed possible plans and ways to celebrate, so I'm excited to see what he ultimately decides and I know we'll have a blast. Also, since I'm getting older, I'm coming to realize that EVERY decision I make will come with life-long consequences, good and bad. When I was younger, I could decide things and not think about how they would affect the rest of my life. It seems now that every thing I do comes with a string of events that are the outcome of my decisions. This is by no means a bad thing, it just seems to put a bit more pressure on me and my decision making process. Things such as buying a house, going to FIT, getting two master's degrees....and even things such as what color couch to buy (which then turns into making decisions for every other object in my house!) have to be thoroughly pondered before coming action. So yeh, that is kinda odd since it means that I am now gaining responsibility! Eek! But as I said, this is a good thing in a way too and I enjoy it. It means I am actually becoming a real person. Woohoo, finally.

...I've heard people post and write and talk about this quarter life crisis. It's not like that, or I guess in a way it is. I'm not upset at all with the way my life and existence is turning out. It's just shocking to me that life is actually happening, before me, in front of my eyes. I'm confident in the decisions I make, it just rocks me that I actually GET to make important decisions...Anoyone else feel this way??

August 7, 2006
This past weekend I went to the LBI house with my mother and sister. The weather on the beach was beautiful - the water was the perfect temperature and the waves weren't too rough. There was also a nice breeze so that it wasn't too hot to just sit on the beach and get some sun. I did some shopping as well, and just enjoyed the down time. It was one of the first weekends in a very long time where I was not forced to do work, homework or other forms of webdesign while away and I was able to just enjoy the vacation. Very pleasant.
I was back at work today and got a TB test for FIT. I can't believe that will start up so quickly. I'm excited and nervous about that, but I'm sure it will be great. My classes sound super interesting and I'm sure I'll meet some pretty cool people.

Tuffy & I in LBI this past weekend.

August 3, 2006
I have become addicted to Puzzle Pirates. I should probably join Pirates Anonymous or something. My pirate's name is AudraSlasher, and she's kick ass.
I've started painted the side room off of the living room. A few of you (Amy? Do you still read this/remember?) that I painted it about four years ago - a peachy color, and we got wall to wall carpeting with fleur de lis, and a brown leather couch, with mahogany furniture. The room sorta functions as a library/sitting room. However, Rory ripped apart that carpeting, and it has basically now just become her playroom. (It's small, and off the rest of the main house, so we let her destroy it to her little heart's content.) Now she's a bit older, and we're redecorating again - this time with a floor she can't destroy. The walls with be Martha Stewart Sherwin Williams "Enamelware" with a lighter blue on the back wall of the built in and a creamy brownish on the brick from the back of the fireplace (the fireplace is on the same wall in the other room, so there is a cool brick wall type of a thing.) I never posted pictures the last time I decorated. I promised I would, then never got around to taking them. However, I did post pictures of Rory's destruction to show you how BAD she made it, and I promise to take pictures of the new design this time around. It's going to look fresh and clean and nice.
The big news of yesterday was that I clipped both Tuffy's and Rory's toenails. Wow!

July 31, 2006
Back at work after the weekend! I like being at work so I feel like I am accomplishing something, however it is so hot today that I just want to go to sleep! I am upset though that the summer is coming to an end. There are only four more weeks left of summer, and it feels as if it just began. I don't like that. This weekend I cleaned the house and became addicted to a new online game called Puzzle Pirates. It's part of Yahoo! I think (edit 8.7.06: It's not, it's by Yohoho! or something, but it's still great), and my mom introduced me to it. So much fun! I did not get any painting done this weekend for the house renovations, but I plan on painting a ceiling tonight after work. At least, that is my goal. We will see if I stick to it and actually get it done. Today is my father's birthday, and this past weekend the family went out to eat to celebrate. I ended up tap dancing and everyone ended up singing to him. It was quite amusing, and I think he had a great time!

July 27, 2006
So as I mentioned on the front, main page, I have decided to give Roxydoll12.com a facelift. So, welcome! This page is dedicated as my blog, where I will try to faithfully update about the ongoings of my life. Today is my last day at work since the University is closed on Fridays, until Monday morning. I like having the weekends a bit longer and come a bit sooner. It makes the week go by more quickly, I guess. There is a ton of stuff I will be doing tomorrow though, so the extra day off before the weekend is well needed. My house is currently being repainted and decorated - as always. We are always keeping things totally updated and as nice as possible. In the room off the living room, Rory has decided that she does not like the carpet, and has ripped it up. So, we are looking into other *more durable* flooring options. My mom and I love this one type of tile (Tagina) that is currently the brand in our kitchen, and we found a color we'd like for the side room as well. However, yesterday my mom showed me a magazine picture of a more rock looking tile that I'd love to do out there. We'll see if we can find it in stores anywhere. The walls are going to be a light blue, with the built in bookshelf white, and the back walls of that bookcase with be a different light blue that coordinates. The chimney facade that is visible in the room will be a brownish. The colors look great together, and will also look nice with the mahogany furniture and brown leather couch that are currently in the room as well.

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