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Although I don't knit enough to keep an awesome knit blog, I do knit often enough to put a little page up here that shows some of my past projects, and I plan to show the items I on which I am currently working.

A few years ago, I was in a crafts store and I ran into my friend's mom who was buying yarn to knit a scarf. I knew my mom knew how to knit, so I liked the yarn she was buying, and bought some for myself, knowing my mom would teach ME how to knit. I went home, and she taught me....and then I became addicting. It's such a mindless activity that produces really neat results. Since learning, I have knit many scarves and other objects. For Christmas gifts, I give out an abundance of hand-knitted scarves!

This is Tuffy wrapped up in the second scarf I ever knit. I love the textured wool and the colors of this scarf. Tuffy enjoyed snuggling in it as well!

Cynthia with a blended scarf - knit with fun fur and a thick multi colored wool.

Tim in his knit green scarf.

My first pattern attempt - and this got me even more hooked on knitting! I gave this scarf to my friend Jennifer right before she left for Italy, for her birthday. She LOVES the color green, and I thought the unique open pattern fit her personality.

My little Elyse, in a scarf I made her in our sorority's colors.

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