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These are some of my favorite recent photos.

With flowers from Dave

Dave & I in LBI

My sister's husband Jim, Alyson, Aunt Betty, Dad, Mom, me and Dave at our restaurant

Stephanie & I

My mom and I in front of the LBI house

The family in front of Edison's house

Me and Joanne onstage in Aida at the Count Basie in Red Bank

Kendra & I at her 21st birthday party

Cynthia & I waitressing at the Dining Room

This is an old photo, but one of my favorites. It is from a production of West Side Story, from the summer of 2001. There was a "freeze" section, and this was the pose we froze in for quite a long time!

Another favorite - me as the Pantomime Pointe Princess in Once Upon a Mattress


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